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Updated: Claravall Family Tree 2012

Claravall Family Tree
Year 1800 Onwards
Third Edition (2012)

Don Mateo Claravall
            & Apolonia Villacorta Ochoa

1.      Don Mateo Villacorta Claravall, Jr. (1826)
2.   Don Juan Villacorta Claravall (1835)
            & Maria Hermojena Balao
            & Angustias Mamuri

3.      Don Andres Villacorta Claravall
& Filomena Salinas

                        Don Domingo Claravall
                                    & Ines de la Torre

1.      Don Alejandro  de la Torre Claravall
& Agustina de la Cruz

                        Note: Apolonia is the daughter of Andres Ochoa and Magdalena Villacorta. Since parents were not married in the church (civil only), children were required to adopt Villacorta as their middle name as per church regulations at that time.
                                    Mateo is believed to be a Kalinga chieftain who together with brother Domingo and their followers, settled in the Cagayan Valley from Rugao, Kalinga.  They assumed the Claravall family name when they were Christianized and founded the town of Nagali (ibanag for “between two rivers”), later known as Ilagan, the capital of the Province of Isabela. The town of Ilagan is located between the Cagayan  and Pinacanawan rivers. The family name comes from the valley of Clairvaux in France, where St. Bernat du Clairvaux founded the Cisterian Abby.  The name was later adopted by the Catalans in northeastern Spain where he was known as St. Bernard de Claravall. As evidence thereof, Carrer (or calle) de Claravall may be found at District 5, Sarria – Sant Gervasi, Barcelona, Espana.
                        An edict in 1849 issued by Spanish Governor General Narciso Claveria y Zaldue directed, for tax and census purposes, the stabilization of the naming system of Filipino families.  Thus, all natives were required to have surnames chosen from the Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos. It is for this reason that no Claravall family names in the Philippines can be found prior to 1800.

I.   Don Mateo Claravall
            & Apolonia Villacorta Ochoa

II.  Don Juan Villacorta Claravall (1835)
            & Maria Hermojena Balao

            III.       Antonio Balao Claravall (1852)

                        Josefa Balao Claravall (1857)

                        Mariano Balao Claravall (1860)

                        Hermojena Balao Claravall (1862)

                        Potenciano Julian Balao Claravall (1863)
                                    & Julia Monzon (of Portuguese descent) Imus, Cavite

                        Geraldo Balao Claravall (1865)  

I.  Don Mateo Claravall
            & Apolonia Villacorta Ochoa

II. Don Juan Villacorta Claravall (1835)
            & Maria Hernojena Balao

III. Potenciano Julian Balao Claravall (1863)
            & Julia Monzon (Portuguese descent from Imus, Cavite))

            IV.       Maria del Carmen Claravall (1884)
                                    &  ________ Umali

                        Maria del Rosario Claravall  (1887)
                                    & Gregorio Laman

                        Jose Pedro Monzon Claravall (1889)
                                    & Donata Futad (1901)

                        Potenciano Juan Felix Monzon Claravall (1891)

                        Mateo Monzon Claravall (1903)

IV.  Maria del Rosario Claravall (1897)
            & Gregorio Laman

 V. Visitacion Claravall
                    & Joseph Lopez Hammond
                        VI. Roberto Laman Nieto (half-brother)
                                             & Rosemary Belandres
                                                 Christina Maria Laman
                                                    & Dennis Francisco
                                                         Kristen Margaret Francisco
                                                         Karen Nicole Ann Francisco
                                                         Kathleen Marie Francisco
                                                         Kayleen Francisco
                                                 Katherine Joan Laman (single)
                                                 Carolyn Joan Laman
                                                   & Joey Oyson
                                                 Mary Jane Laman
                                                   & Jeffrey

                                             Elizabeth Laman
                                               & Alfonso Blanch
                                                      Anastacia Blanch
                                                      Ethan Blanch
                                             Vincent Laman
        Arthur Laman Hammond
                                  & Evelyn Salcedo
                                             Irene S Hammond
                                              & Ramon Angelo
                                                      Gerald Angelo
                                                      Pamela Angelo
                                                      Lance Angelo
                                             Geraldine Hammond
                                               & Armando Apostol
                                                      Alyssa Apostol
                                                      Adrian Apostol
        Joseph Laman Hammond
                                 & Leni Monzon (divorced)
                                             Louvette Hammond
                                               & Richard Fowler
                                                      Richard James Fowler
                                                      Ryan Fowler
                                                      Ross Fowler
                                             Micheala Hammond
                                               & Paolo Nourozi
      Veronica Hammond (single)
                                                      Kenneth Michael Hammond
                                                         & Erica __________
                                                                 Marcus Hammond
                                                      Clarence Joseph Hammond
                                                        & Nichole Peterson
                                                                 Chase Michael Hammond
                                                                   & Teresita Mejia (separated)
                                                      Judith Hammond
                                                       & Fernando Martin
                                                      Jeffrey Ryan Hammond
                                                       & Rosalinda__________
                                                      Jessica Hammond
                                                      Jennifer Hammond
                                                      Janet Lynn Hammond
Antonio Laman Hammond (1941)
                                       & Thelma Tito
                                                      John Jay Hammond (+)    

                                                      Patrick Hammond
                                                        & Debra Seifert (divorced)
                                                                Nicholas Hammond
                                                                 Jacob Hammond
                                                      Joseph Anthony Cesar Hammond (single)
                                                      Darryl Hammond
                                                         & Denise Lampitoc
                                                                Danielle Hammond
                                                                Dylan Elizabeth Hammond
RosarioCharito”Laman Hammond (1942)
                                       & Feliciano “Toy” Carino (+)
                                                      Patricia Carino
                                                       & Paul Chan
                                                                Michael Chan
                                                                Julia Chan
                                                      Regino Carino
                                                        & Alessandra Ladaw
                                                                Feliciano Lorenzo Carino II
                                                                Sophia Carino
                                                      Barbara Ann Carino
                                                        & Rol Esguerra
                                                                Celeste Emilia Esguerra
                                                      Andrew Vincent Carino (single)
Josefina Laman Hammond (1944)  (+)
                                      & Delfin Bolloso      
                                                     Jason Bolloso
Marilyn Laman Hammond  (1947)
                                       & Romeo Gavino
                                    Martha “Jackie” Laman Hammond (1948)
                                       & Federico Fernandez (divorced)
                                                    Michael Fernandez
                                                    Apolonia Fernandez                                                                                                                   & Bradley Miller (divorced)
                                                    John Fernandez
                                                       & Kristy__________
                                                                 Joshua Fernandez
                                                    Grace Fernandez
                                                       & Allen Bonnet
                                                                 Angelgrace Bonnet
                                                                 Adonis Bonnet

                        IV. Lutgarda Claravall Laman (single)

IV. Guillermo Claravall Laman
                                 & Rizalina Pagayon
                                                Julieta Laman
                                                  & Ramon Agraviador

Carmencita Laman
                                                  & Miciano_______
Illuminada Laman
                                                  & Amadeo Sta. Ana
Ernesto Laman
                                                  & Corazon Padernal
Guillermo Laman, Jr.
                                                  & Rosario de la Cruz
Benjamin Laman
                                                  & Esmeralda Talana
William Laman
                                                  & Josephine Cayaba
Lourdes Laman
                                                  & Rene Pajarillo
Gregorio Laman
                                                  & Carina Galvez
Ramon Laman
                                                  & Nelly de Guzman
Rosario Laman
Wilhelmina Laman
Eddie An  & Gina _________
                                                Carlos Laman
                                                  & Mary Ann Aglipay

            V.  Antonio Claravall Laman

IV. Jose Pedro Monzon Claravall (1889)
       & Donata  Marquez Futad

            V. Potenciano Futad Claravall (1918)
                  & Donita Battad

VI. Virginia B. Claravall  (1946)
                                & Laoag L. Banez (+)
                                   VII.  Ryan Claravall Banez(1987)
      Potenciano B. Claravall, Jr
                                 & Myrna Rodriguez (1954)
         Ronan R. Claravall (1974)
                                             Richie R. Claravall (1975)
                                             Ralph R.Claravall
                                 & Ma.Cielito Corleto
         Jessica Christina Claravall (1988)
                                             Junmarie Caroline Claravall (1991)
                                             Joana Cielo Claravall (1992)
       Renato B. Claravall
                                  & Leticia M. Castaneda
                                             Aicitel C Claravall (1979)
                                             Kristen C. Claravall (1980) 
                                             Shiela C. Claravall(1984)
                                             Geraldine C. Claravall (1988)
        Lorna Claravall  (1951)
                                  & Francisco B. Lim
                                             Kathlyn  C. Lim (1984)
       Wilfredo B. Claravall (1952)
          & Marlyn Remoral (1958)
                                             Myra C. Claravall (1983)
                                             Hazel R. Claravall (1985)
       Oscar B. Claravall (1953) (Single)
       Rene B. Claravall (1954)
          & Nellie Carabbacan
         Renellie C. Claravall (1989)
                               Rosalia B. Claravall  (1956)
                                  & Ponchito de Luna (1954)
         Harley C. de Luna (1981)
                                             Sherwin C. de Luna (1983)
                                             Tyrene C. de Luna (1984)
       Ruben B. Claravall MD
                                 & Rose Manalo
         Ma. Vanessa Claravall
                                             Ruben Claravall Jr.
                                             Ma. Ruby Rose Claravall
                                             Ruben Claravall III
       Lilia B. Claravall
                                 & Bing Duma-o (Singapore)
        Mark Timothy Duma-o (1986)
                                            Carlo Gian Duma-o (1991
        Donna Mika Duma-o (1993)
                                            Adrain Paul Duma-o (1997)
                              Loida B. Claravall
                                & Angelito Sese
         Lloyd Angelo Sese
                                             Leigh Angelica Sese
                              Celia B.Claravall
                                 & Rey Garrido
                                             John Daniel Garrido
                                             Reycel Ann Garrido

            V. Porfirio Futad Claravall (1922)
                  & Anita Casim (+)

                        VI. Ruth C. Claravall
                                & Romeo Manalang
        Romasanta Manalang
                                            Rachel Manalang
                                            Romeo Manalang, Jr.
                                            Rhea Manalang
                                            Romina Katrina Manalang
                              Heidi “Hedy” C. Claravall
                                &  _________ Sabatka
                                    (Wavell Height, QLD, Australia)
                              Carlos “Caloy” C. Claravall         
                                 & Cleofe Talisog
                                            Clarence Claravall
                                            Carlos Claravall, Jr
                                            Cyrille Claravall
                                            Ma. Anita Claravall
                              German C. Claravall
                                & Margaret Pamittan
                                           Ann Margaret Claravall
                                           Rica Maureen Claravall
                                           Lovely April Claravall
                                           Lady Seannon Patrice Claravall
                                           Derickson Claravall
                                           Richmond Claravall
                              Ofelia C. Claravall
                                & Walter Cureg
                                           Mark Anthony Cureg
                                           Marion Walter Cureg
                                           Maurice John Cureg
                                           Charmaine Ayla Cureg
                                           Charlene Ayra Cureg
                             Eduard C. Claravall
                                & Eleanore Morales
                                           Eduardson Claravall
                                           Elaiza Joy Claravall
                                           Earl John Claravall
                                           Elline Claravall
                             Rodolfo “Ralph” C. Claravall
                               & Maritess Esteban
                                           Christian Ralph Claravall
                                           Ashley May Claravall
                                           Ian Sheldi Claravall

            Faustino “Tuting” Futad Claravall
                 & Victoria “Toyang” Guzman

                           Jesus Guzman Claravall
                             & Marina Tungol
      Jesus T. Claravall , Jr. (1977)                                             
       & Anabelle __________
                                                  Jester Angelo Claravall
                                                  Lleana Jessica Claravall
                                                  Mark Jay Claravall (1981)
                                                  Ina Marie Paola Claravall (1986)
                           Judith G. Claravall
                             & Artemio Natividad (+)
      Joyce Milagros N. Angobong (1979)
       & Gideon Angobong                                                                                                                                   
                                                  Felix Claravall Natividad
                           Rogelia G. Claravall
                              & Wilfredo Sevilla
                                           Maria Sjenica Claravall Sevilla (1985)
                                           Maria Schelza Claravall Sevilla (1997)
                           Faustino G. Claravall, Jr.
                              & Fely Angobong
                                           Faustino A. Claravall, Jr.
                           Dante G. Claravall
                              & Myrna ____________
                                           Dante Claravall, Jr.
                                           Claire Claravall
                          Yvonne G. Claravall (separated)
                              & ________________
                         Alex G. Claravall
                              & ________________
                                           Ma. Aina
                         Marvin G.  Claravall
                             & Jane _____________
                                           Marvin Claravall, Jr.
                         Gerard G. Claravall
                            & Mylene Angobong
                                          Marco A. Claravall
                         Enchie G.  Claravall
                           & Helen ____________

Julia “Julie” Felisa F. Claravall
             & Rufino Bandonill

                         Cesar “Sonny” C. Bandonill
                         Gina C. Bandonill
Feliciano “Eling” F. Claravall (1935)
             & Cely Allado (1945)

                        Ma. Rina A. Claravall (1966)
                           & Kim Sabala Antenorcruz
                                       Riki Mae Antenrocruz
   Jan Kim Antenorcruz
                        Josefina “Joana” A. Claravall (1967)
                         & James Heiner
                                       Jeremy Grant C. Henier
                        Gay A. Claravall (1971)
                          & Oliver Marquez Ragadio
                                       Omni Gabriel Ragadio
                        Angelo “Daby” A. Claravall (1977)
                          & Nerissa Tolentino
                                       Chloe Alexa Claravall

Jose “Junior” F. Claravall
             & Purificacion Jarra

                    Edith J. Claravall
                      & Erone Argonza
                                    Don Christian C. Argonza
                                    Norbert C. Argonza
                                    Erone Fritz Jesus C. Argonza
                                    Estephanie Felice C. Argonza
                                      & Christian Padua
                                                 Eesha Chrishanee Saibryn Padua
                                    Eeesha C. Argonza
                                    Everette Franz Joy C. Argonza
                                    Eunice Jade C. Argonza
                                    Erodita Edeza C. Argonza
                                    Emaleen Elmira C. Argonza
                                    Eurich Erin C. Argonza
                    Elmer J. Claravall
                     & ______________(separated)
                                    Donna Charisse Claravall

                   Carmina Carolina J. Claravall
                     & Rolly Gallo (Italy)
                                    Eiler Gallo
                                    Eides Gallo
                   Remedios  J. Claravall
                     & Clarence Biri
                                    Shea Laramae Sadie Biri
                                    Darrow Biri
                                    Candice Biri
                                    Zooey Biri
                                    Ratan Biri
                  Daniel” Danny” J. Claravall
                    & Cela ___________
                                   Genna Mae Claravall
                                   Donata Dada Claravall
                                   Daniel Claravall
                  Ismael J. Claravall
                   & Julie ____________
                                  Meiji Claravall
                  Rommel J. Claravall (Single)
                  Arthur J. Claravall
                  Julius Cesar J. Claravall
                    & Vina ____________

Lucia “Lucy” F. Claravall
              & Adolfo Baguilan, Jr
                        Alvin Baguilan
                        Aldo Baguilan
                        Alyssa Baguilan

Ernesto F. Claravall (+)

Alicia “Alice” F. Claravall
                        &  Robert Lewis

IV. Potenciano Juan Felix Monzon Claravall, Jr.  (1891)

      Mateo Monzon Claravall (1903)

I.   Don Mateo Claravall
            & Apolonia Villacorta Ochoa

II.  Don Juan Villacorta Claravall
            & Angustias Mamuri (Half-Irish)

III.       Basilio Eliseo Mamuri Claravall (1871)
                        & Celodonia Zapanta (Sta. Cruz, Manila)
            Isabel Claravall Medel (1875)
                        & Aurelio Sanchez Medel (Cordova, Spain)

            Petra Columba Mamuri Claravall (1877) single

            Nicasio Mamuri Claravall (1878)
                        & Encarnacion Raquel Mauri (Barcelona. Spain)
                        & Concepcion Manuel Paguirigan (Tumauni, Isabela)

            Apolonia Mamuri Claravall (1879) single
            Angela Carmen Mamuri Claravall (1881) single

            Maria de la Paz Mamuri Claravall (1884) single

            Pedro Mateo “Perico” Mamuri Claravall (1887) single, “MIA”

            Mateo Hermenegildo Mamuri Claravall (1989) single

            Miguel Mamuri Claravall (1890)
                        & Salome Daquel

            Maria del Carmen Andrea Claravall Foronda (1892)
                        & Manuel Foronda

            Pilar Consuelo Claravall Foronda (1895)
                        & Manuel Foronda

            Juan Casimiro Mateo Francisco Mamuri Claravall (1897)
                        & Amparo Pagulayan Fortun

            Note: Amparo Fortun Claravall married Manuel Foronda upon the death of  Juan Casimiro and Pilar Consuelo. Manuel Foronda married Pilar Consuelo upon the death of Maria del Carmen.

I.    Don Mateo Claravall
            & Apolonia Villacorta Ochoa

II.   Don Juan Villacorta Claravall (1835)
            & Angustias Mamuri

III.       Basilio Eliseo Mamuri Claravall (1871)
                        & Celodonia Zapanta

                        IV.       Jose Zapanta Claravall
                                                & Leonarda Soliman

                                    Vicente Resurrecion Zapanta Claravall (1902)

                                    Josefina Juana Claravall Espino (1905)
                                                & Salvador Espino

                                    Fernando Felix Zapanta Claravall (1907)
                                                & Catalina Paredes

                                    Manuel Antonio Ramon Andres Z. Claravall (1909)

                                    Carmen Claravall Sorio  (1911)
                                                & Generoso Sorio

                                    Pedro Ramon Zapanta Claravall (1914)
                                                & Paula Tualla
                                    Consolacion Zapanta Claravall (1916)

                                    Maria Asuncion Zapanta Claravall (1917)

                                    Celso Antonio Zapanta Claravall (1919)
                                                & Milagros Arboleda
                                                & Priscilla Colubio

IV.       Jose Zapanta Claravall
                            & Leonarda Soliman
                                    Maria Lourdes Soliman Claravall
Jose Vicente “Joboy” Soliman Claravall, Jr
Renato Soliman Claravall

                        Vicente Zapanta Claravall (1902) single

Josefina Claravall Espino (1905)
    & Salvador Espino
            Maria Lourdes Claravall Espino
Ruben Claravall Espino
Jose Claravall Espino

Fernando Zapanta Claravall (1907)
                            & Catalina Paredes
                                     Alfredo Paredes Claravall
                                         & Carmen Diedrich Baylon
            Elizabeth Claravall Salazar
                                                    & Rolando Salazar
.Diane C. Salazar
           Juan Miguel B. Claravall
                           & Angie de la Cruz
Aimee C. Claravall
                                    Allen C. Claravall
                                    Aleck C. Claravall
                      Enrique “Ricky” B. Claravall
                           & Glenda Magno
Kevin M Claravall
                                    Vince M. Claravall
          Mary Rose Claravall de Vera
                           & Randolph de Vera
                                    Bianca C. de Vera
                                    Benedict C. de Vera
                                    “Baby Girl” de Vera
       Albert Baylon Claravall (single)
           Carlos Paredes Claravall
              & Chipit ____________                  
                     Clarissa Claravall
         Conrad Claravall
                        & Shee ___________
                                    Cathy Claravall

            Cesar Paredes Claravall
               & Melly Sombilon
            Fitzgerald S. Claravall (Syd, Aus)
                          & Shiela Ordaniel
                                    Alyssa Bianca “Abby”
            Eduardo Paredes Claravall
              &  Gloria ___________ (divorced}
                         Maria Antonette Claravall
                           & Antonio E. de Guzman
                                    Carlo G. Claravall
                                    Butchi G. Claravall
                         Raymond Claravall
                         Louie Claravall
                           & Beverly___________
                                    Franchesca Claravall
                                    Fernando Claravall
                         Imelda Claravall
                          & Dick ___________  (Syd, Aus)
                        Christina Claravall (single)
            George Paredes Claravall (single)
            Mario Paredes Claravall
              & Nita _____________
                         Ponjie Claravall
                         Michelle Claravall
            Benjamin Paredes Claravall (single)
            Emma P. Claravall
               & Eduardo Vizcarra
                        Vanessa Claravall
                          & Iggy __________
                        Vincent Claravall Vizcarra (single)
                        Valerie Claravall Vizcarra (single)
            Jose “Joey/Pepito” Paredes Claravall
              & Cynthia Nola
                   Eugene N. Claravall
                     & Cherish _____________
Mia N. Claravall (single)
Maan N. Claravall (single)
Francisco N.. Claravall (single)
Mapet N. Claravall (single)

     & Unknown Mother
                   Josefina Claravall
                                            & Delfin Araullo
                                                Angelito Araullo
  & Filipinas Fajardo
            Mikaella Araullo
Antonio Araullo
  & Joscelyn Zita
            Andrew Jan Araullo
            Ann Joyce Araullo
Carmencita Araullo
  & Rodolfo Hipolito
            Hazel Marie Hipolito
            Hanna Marie Hipolito
            Joseph Hipolito

            Carmen Claravall Sorio
                            & Generoso Sorio

            Manolo Claravall Sorio
Milagros Claravall Sorio
Sonia Claravall Sorio
Ramon Claravall Sorio
Antonio Claravall Sorio

Pedro Ramon Zapanta Claravall
  & Paula Tualla

Consolacion “Cholly” Claravall  (Ca USA)
                          & Daniel Paras
Jonathan C. Paras
                                    Daniel C. Paras, Jr.
Josephine “Josie” Claravall  (Tx USA)
                         & Eleuterio “Ely” Tabangcura
                                    Joel Tabangcura
                                    Rachael Tabancura
                                    Kristel Ann Tabancura
Edilberto “Eddie/Del” T. Claravall(Baguio RTC Judge)
                          & Maria del Pilar “Nena” Larrucea (Bilbao, Spain)
Carla L. Claravall
                                      & Derrick Hamada
                                                Sebastian James Hamada
                                    Chantal  L. Claravall
Evangeline “Vangie” Claravall  (+)
                          & Joachim Schlimm (Munich, Germany)
Pedro “Junior” T. Claravall, Jr (Ca USA)
                          & Jacqueline “Jaqui” Capay
                                    Joshua Peter Claravall

Ma. Victoria Claravall (USA)
                        Jennifer Domingo (Vice-Consul)

IV.  Celso Antonio Zapanta Claravall (1920)
                     & Milagros Arboleda (1926) (+ )
                               Eva A. Claravall (1955)
                                 & Engr Carlos “Bec” Baldo (1954)
 Engr Erica Anne Baldo (1985)
 Charmaine Vea Baldo (1988)
Edna A. Claravall (1956)
   & Othello Jimenez (1956)
                  Jason Julius Jimenez (1979)
    & Ludivina  __________(1975)
             Jerraine Maria Victoria Jimenez (2003)
            Zyth Maria Ludivina Jimenez (2005)
            Jyrille Maria Faustina Jimenez (2007)
 Jefferey John Jimenez (1982  )
Celso A. Claravall, Jr. (1958)
  & Arlene Eduarte (1960)
                 Jacquelyn Claravall (1980)
                  & Richard Omar General (1981)
             Seanne Devon General (2003)
             Kurt Adam General
Edward Luke A. Claravall (1960)
  & Evelyn Palomares (1969)
Led Joseph Claravall (1986)
  & Catherine Jane Rubio
             Semantha Nicole Claravall (2003) +
             Cedric Chase Claravall (2008)
Edylyn Nice Claravall (1989)
Edelyn Grace Claravall (1992)
Milagros Fatima Claravall (1998)

                        & Priscilla Colubio (+)
Leopoldo Claravall
                                                   & Luzviminda Fernandez
                                                             Gary Claravall
                                                                & Donna __________
                                                                           Stephanie Claravall
                                                                           Gabriel Claravall
                                                             Niel F. Claravall
                                                                 & Vercelli Alvarez
                                                             Henry John F. Claravall MD
                                                                 & Cheryl Ann __________
                                                Teresita Claravall (USA)
                                                       & Max Jarrels
                                                Ernesto Claravall (+)
                                                Aurora Claravall (+)

III.  Isabel Claravall Medel (1875)
        & Aurelio Sanchez Medel (Cordova, Spain)

Pia Lucrecia Claravall Medel (1903)
              & Jaime S. Laguardia

                        Maria Isabel “Maribel” M. Laguardia
                           & Jose Jaime  Berenguer

                                    Jose “Joey” M. Berenguer, Jr
                                     & Milagros Gonzales

                                                Isabel Berenguer
                                                 & Ding Asuncion
                                                           Jaime Victorino Laguardia Berenguer
                                                            & Liza Gonzales

Milagros “Monina” M. Laguardia
                                                  & Antonio  Anson

                                                           Ma. Rosario “Myra” L. Anson
                                                             & Jose “Pepot” Nograles
                                                                        (with 2 sons)
                                                            Jaime Antonio Laguardia Anson
                                                             & Mary Jane Jamelo
                                                            Ramon Antonio Laguardia Anson (single)
                                                                        ( with 4 children)
                                                            Ma. del Carmen “Karen”L. Anson
                                                              & Bernardo Verzosa
                                                            Ma. Antonia “Pinky” L.  Anson
                                                              & Reynaldo Reyes
                                                                        Anthony Rey Reyes
                                                                        Andrew Rae Reyes
                                                            Jose Maria Laguardia Anson MD
                                                              & Ma. Cecilia Dazon, PhD
                                                            Ma. Milagros “Minuch” L. Anson  (single)

Jose  Medel Laguardia

Francisco  Medel Laguardia

III. Nicasio Mamuri Claravall (1878)
            & Encarnacion Raquel Mauri (Barcelona, Spain)

                        IV. Juan “Juaning/Johnny”” Mauri Claravall
                                & Rizalina “Pal” Abada Alvarez

V.       Antonio “Tony/Baby” A. Claravall (SF, CA)
                                                 & Bella Orquiola (divorced)
                                                  VI.    Sandra Claravall                                                                                                                     Christine Claravall
                                                            Ma. Antonia Claravall
                                                            Celia Claravall
                                                            Antonio Claravall, Jr.
                                                            Cindy Claravall
                                                 & Diane Cheng Meng Leong (Malaysian )
                                              Milagros “Millie” A. Claravall
                                                  &  Danny Orquiola
                                                            Melanie Orquiola
                                                              & Jay Varady
                                                                        Joe Varady
                                                                        Nina Varady
                                                            Sharon Orquiola
                                                               & Drandel Faust Maddox
                                                            John Orquiola
Ma. Lourdes “Nita” Claravall Castillo
                                                   & Erwin Castillo
                                                            Diego Claravall Castillo
Renato “Toto” A. Claravall
                                                   & Rosario “Cherry” Villamora
                                                            Juan Miguel Claravall
                                                              & Gabrielle Morriscou
Aayla Claravall
Dgan Claravall
                                                                        Justine Claravall
                                                                        Regina Claravall

Jurita Claravall (adopted)
                                                                        John Oquendo Claravall
                                                                        Christopher  Oquendo Claravall

                        Amanda “Ding/Amanding”  Mauri Claravall (single)

I.    Don Mateo Claravall
            & Apolonia Villacorta Ochoa

II.   Don Juan Villacorta Claravall (1835)
            & Angustias Mamuri

III.  Nicasio Mamuri Claravall (1878)
            & Concepcion Manuel Paguirigan

            IV.       Mateo Vicente Pompeo Expedito Paguirigan Claravall (1907)

Antonio Exequiel Paguirigan Claravall (1907)    (Twin brothers)

Sagrario “Nena” Claravall Villasis (1909)
            & Juan Villasis

Francisco “Quicoy” Isabelo Paguirigan Claravall (1910)
            & Priscila “Chiling”Tirona Galang(1919)

Isabel “Bebe”  Corazon Valentina Pilar Paguirigan Claravall (ICM sister)
Carlos Lucio Paguirigan Claravall (1913)

Lorenzo “Lori/ Enzo” Ramon Paguirigan Claravall (1915)
            & Dahlia “Ga” Rivera

Jose “Pepe” Patrocinio Marcos Paguirigan Claravall (1917)

Antonia “Toni” Carmen Graciana Paguirigan Claravall (1919)

Senen Arturo Carmelo “Meng/Mely” Paguirigan Claravall (1922)
            & Ligaya “Garing” Fernandez

Half Brothers (Unknown Mothers)
            Cancio Claravall (Palanan, Isabela)
            Eduardo Claravall (Tondo, Manila)

Note: Concepcion Manuel Paguirigan is the daughter of Antonio Paguirigan and Lorenza Manuel of Tumauini, Isabela.

III.  Nicasio “Casio” Mamuri Claravall (1878)
         & Concepcion “Concha” Manuel Paguirigan

            Sagrario “Nena”Claravall Villasis
              & Juan Villasis

                        Felipe “Phillip/Sonny” C. Villasis MD (Va USA)
                          & Marylene Gata RN
                                    Juan Claravall Villasis
                        Antonio “Onie/Tony” C. Villasis MD ( Mi USA)
                          & Teresita Morte MD
                        Juanita “Inday/Ganging” V. Lopez MD (Al USA)
                          & Oscar B. Lopez MD

Francisco “Quicoy” Isabelo Paguirigan Claravall (1910)
              & Priscila “Chiling” Tirona Galang  (1919) Imus,Cavite

                        Nicasio “Faruko/Nick” G. Claravall(1940)(+) Malaga, Sp.
                          & Rizalina “Lina” Yadan
                                    Francisco “Paquito/Pacqs” Y. Claravall, III
                                    Ma. Leonor “Leni” Y. Claravall
                                       & Paul Dhal
                                    Ma. Priscila “Chiqui” Y. Claravall
                                                Carl  Claravall
                                    Jose Antonio “Jay” Y. Claravall
                                      & Fridalyn “Ida” Morelos
                                                Ma. Michaela  M. Claravall
                                    Michelangelo “Mike” Y. Claravall
                                      & Michelle Thompson (Ky, USA)
                                                Madeline T. Claravall

                        Trinidad Isabela “Nina” Claravall  (1942)
                          & Venancio Ricardo “Cardo” Angangan

                                    Ma. Priscila “Presy” Angangan Sacdalan
                                      & Renato “Ato” Sacdalan
                                                Rocea Pamela Sacdalan
                                                Ramon Joseph Sacdalan
                                                Rafael Joseph Sacdalan
                                                Patricia Isabelle Sacdalan
                                                Regina Priscila Sacdalan
                                    Ma. Anna “Annie” Angangan
                                      & James Paulmino
                                                Robert A. Paulmino
                                                Trixia A. Paulmino

                                    Ma. Carmen “Cacar” Angangan
                                      & Arthur “ Toto” Manzanal
                                                Ashley A. Manzanal
                                                Mariel A. Manzanal
                                                Ingrid A. Manzanal
                                                Gaile A. Manzanal
                                    Ma. Adela “Dedel” Angangan
                                      & Noel Diaz
                                                Micah Therese A. Diaz
                                    Juan “John” Claravall Angangan
                                      & Merle de la Pena
                                                Merlyjan Angangan
                                                John Matthew Angangan
                                    Ricardo Venancio “Buding” C. Angangan
                                      & Joscelyn “Josie “de Guzman
                                                Richard Vincent Angangan
                                                TrinityAngangan (+)
                                                Benedict Paul Angangen
                                                Christhel Alexis Angangan                                        
                        Tadeo “Tady” Sebastian Galang Claravall (1944)
                          & Nora “ Nor” Roque Jocson (1947)

                                     Maria Luisa “Malu” Claravall  (1970)
                                      & Manuelito “Bong” Baesa Velasco
                                                Sean Matthews C. Velasco
                                                Angela Veronica C. Velasco
                                                Lanz Thad C. Velasco
                                                Patricia  “CV”C. Velasco

                                     Francisco Fernando “Cocoy” Claravall IV(1972)
                                      & Glenda Manuel  Guevara    (1971)
                                                Tadeo Miguel”Tommie” Claravall IV
                                                Gabriel Rosauro”Robbie” Claravall
                                                Jose  Rafael “Raffie” Claravall

                                    Tadeo Raymundo“Jun” J Claravall, Jr(1973)
                                      & Ma.Lailani Pilare Babasanta (Syd)(1970)
                                                Ana Jessica B. Claravall
                                                Thad Jzan Paolo B. Claravall III
                                                Kyle Vincent B. Claravall
                                                Natasha Nicole B. Claravall

                                     Christopher Jude “CJ” J. Claravall (1991)
                          Bienvenido “Bien/Bienve” G. Claravall (1946)
                          & Guia “Guy/Guide” Crisolo (+)
                                    Francisco Timoteo “Kitt” C. Claravall
                                    Christina Anselma “Ting” C. Claravall
                                    Ma. Monserrat “Monsee” C. Claravall
                                       & Leslie Bryan Chua
                                                Liam C. Chua 
                                    Benedicto  Bienvenido “Benny” C. Claravall
                          & Dorothy de Leon
                                    Sarah Jane de Leon
                                    John Bernard de Leon
                          & Cecile Gulmatico

                        Expedito “Ex” G. Claravall {1947)
                          & Joscelyn “Josie”  Paguirigan Manaligod

                                    Francisco “Pocholo” M. Claravall VI
                                      & Karina Abigail C. Romero
                                                Tyler Jacob R. Claravall
                                                Darla Louise R. Claravall
                                    Jonas  Emmanuel M. Claravall
                                    Lawrence Peter”Renz” M. Claravall

                        Ma. Concepcion “Conchi/Chit” Claravall Asis (1949)
                          & Wilfred “Fred” Dy Asis

                                    Genaro  Wilfred Francisco “Gee” C.Asis
                                      & Ruth Arceo
                                                Joshua  Wilfred A. Asis
                                                Hannah  Marie A. Asis
                                    Genaro Jehremaiah  Wilfred  “Jerry” C. Asis
                                      & Katherine Dayrit Fernandez
                                                Joseph  Jeheremiah F. Asis
                                                Elianna Victoria F. Asis
                                                Daniel Jeremiah F. Asis
                                    Ma. Concepcion Priscila “Chin” C. Asis
                                      & Jonah Nobleza
                                                Semantha Marie Nobleza
                                                Olivia Nobleza
                                    Pamela Gracia Concepcion  “Pam” C. Asis
                                      & Joshua Moses Lim Layugan
                                                Matthew Joshua “Mattie” Layugan
                                    Manuvia Carmen Joy “Bing-Bing/Via” C. Asis
                                      & Alvin Cayetano

                        Renato “Rene” G. Claravall (1950)
                          & Carmen Mendiola Sioson
                                    Isabelle “Chingay/Issa”Claravall                                                                                              & Peter Histon
                                                Joseph Peter C. Histon
                                                Matthew C. Histon
                                                Daniel C. Histon
                        Francisco “Isko/Baby” G. Claravall, Jr. (+)  (1960)
                          & Jane Villena
                                    Magdalena  Priscila “Mae” V. Claravall
                                      & Rey C. Pamittan
                                                Arella Rosa C. Pamittan
                        Francisco “King” V. Claravall, VII
                        Katrine “Kat” V. Claravall
                                                Raphael Arvi C. Amoyo

Lorenzo Ramon “Lori/Enzo” Paguirigan Claravall
  & Dahlia “Ga” Chavez Rivera (Cagayan de Oro)

             Emmanuel “Manny/Emmy” R. Claravall
               & Editha Santos
                         Victor Emmanuel “Bambi” S. Claravall
                            & Marge__________
                        .           Victoria Claravall
                                    Xavier Claravall
                         Kat-Kat Santos Claravall
                           & ___________ Paraiso
                        Juan Carlos “Muffet” Santos Claravall
               & Rosie __________
                        Stephanie Claravall
               & Vilma __________
                        Valerie Claravall
                        Lorraine Clarvall
             Luis Ramon “Louie” R. Claravall
              & Mary Maronilla
                         Christopher John M. Claravall
                         Dahlia M. Claravall
                           & Dexter Engenio   
                         Luis Ramon M. Claravall II
                          & Corazon Mijares
                                    Luis Ramon M Claravall III
                                      & Ana Abueg
                                    Ann M. Claravall
                                    Lala M. Claravall

            Marilinda “Malen” Claravall Yee
              & Paul Yee (+)
                                    Paolo C. Yee
                                    Miguel C. Yee
                                    Angela C. Yee
            Roberto “Robert” R. Claravall
              & Aurea Cordero
                                    Sofia C. Claravall
                                    Roberto  J. C. Claravall, Jr
                                    Herman C. Claravall
                                    Ro C. Claravall
            Nila Claravall Gonzalez
              & Ricardo Gonzalez
                                    Franccina Concepcion C. Gonzalez
                                    Ma. Asuncion Josefa “Sasha” C.Gonzalez
                                    Ma. Isabel Regina “Belle” C. Gonzalez
            Adrian “Addy” R. Claravall
              & Cherry Mariano
                                    Miguel “Migs” M. Claravall
                                      & Baby Gray
                                                Alliyah G. Claravall
            Gerardo “Gerry” Rafael R. Claravall
              & Monette Nicdao
                                    Christa Rafaela “Tara” N. Claravall
                                    Gerardo Rafael “Giro” N. Claravall, Jr.
                                    Lorelle Rafaela “Lollie” N. Claravall
                                    Nicola Rafaela N. Claravall
            Maribel  R. Claravall
              & ___________Marquez
                                    Lawrence C. Marquez
              & Mario Defiore
                                    Jay C. Defiore
                                    Alexander C. Defiore
            Carolyn “Carol” Claravall Gismondi
              & Peter Gismondi
                                    Christopher C. Gismondi
            Eric John R. Claravall
              & Gidget Arenas
                                    Joey “Anjo” A. Claravall
                                    Bernardette  A. Claravall

Senen Arturo Carnelo “Mely/Meng” Paguirigan Claravall
    & Ligaya “Garing” Fernandez (Dagupan)

            Ernesto “Pocholo” F. Claravall (Single)
            Edmundo “Tato” F. Claravall
              & Rosario “ Ruby” Lim  Cecilio
                                    Justine Edmund Cecilio Claravall
                                    Laurene Nicole Cecilio Claravall
            Astrid Claravall    
              & Donald Brown
                                    Melanie Brown
                                    Gieselle Brown
                                    Alyssa & Clarissa  Brown twins)
                                    Camille & Bethany Brown (twins)
            Carmelo “Bong” F. Claravall, Jr.
              & Belinda Chua
                                    Margeaux  Claravall (Single)
                                                Nathan Lee Claravall
            Reynaldo “Babut” F. Claravall (+)(Single)
            Lourdes “Ging” Claravall
              & Adam Martin (aka  Mustafa/ Aljazerra)
            Maritoni “Chit” Claravall
              & Luke Mauricio
            Grace “Baby” Claravall
              & Herman Chua
                                    Mariel  Chua (F)
                                    Micah  Chua (M)
                                    Maxine  Chua (F)
                                    Myles Chua (M)

 Nicasio Mamuri Claravall
  & Two (2) Unknown mothers

            Cancio Claravall (Palanan, Isabela)
                        Cely  Claravall
                        Cancio Claravall, Jr
            Eduardo Claravall (Tondo, Manila)
                        Melchor Claravall
                        Adoracion “Adoring” Claravall
                        Ernesto” Erning” Claravall
                          & Socorro Claravall  (adopted by Amanda Claravall)
                        Eduardo”Bebeng” Claravall, Jr

III.  Miguel Mamuri Clararavall (1890)
            & Salome Dacquel

            IV.       Dominador Dacquel Claravall (+) (1919)

                        Maria Socorro Dacquel Garcia (1922)

                        Imelda Claravall  
                          & Estanislao Garcia

Jose Claravall Garcia
                                      & Helen Cabasal
                                                Marissa Garcia
                                                Joel Garcia
                                                Jerry Garcia
                                                Mirriam Garcia
                                    Sylvia Claravall Garcia (+)
                                    Rolando Claravall Garcia
                                      & Malou  San Jose
                                                Joeffry Garcia
                                                Ann Garcia
                                                Dennis Garcia
                                    Angelita Claravall
                                      & Roy Rosette
                                                Richard Rosette
                                                Ann Rosette
                                                Ron-Ron Rosette
                                    Henry Claravall Garcia (+)
                                       & Evelyn ___________

                        Mario Dacquel Claravall (1924)

Asuncion Dacquel Claravall (1926)

                        Juan Dacquel Claravall (1927)
                          & Ursula “Soling” Tolentino

                                    Ma. Corazon T. Claravall
                                    Wilfredo T. Claravall
                                      & Dominga Pascua
                                    Randy T. Claravall
                                      & Marilyn ___________
                                    Clark T. Claravall

                        Raul Dacquel Claravall  (1928)
                          & Luz Sacquing

                                    Lourdes S. Claravall
                                      & Manolito Castaneda
                                                Giancarlo C. Castaneda
                                                Carla C. Castaneda
                                    Rodolfo Sacquing Claravall
                                      & Consuelo Tarampi
                                                Rudyard T. Claravall
                                                Kriel Rudiel T. Claravall
                                                Rundolf Raul T. Claravall
                                    Roberto Sacquing Claravall
                                       & Shirley Salvador
                                                Ruby Jean “Donna” Claravall
                                                Robbie S. Claravall
                                    Ramon Sacquing Claravall
                                      & Rosario Santiago
                                                Rachel S. Claravall
                                                  & Len-Len_________
                                    Rafael Saquing Claravall
                                      & Carmelita Santiago
                                                Ramil S. Claravall
                                                Cherry Ann S. Claravall
                                                Rafael S. Claravall
                                    Leonor S. Claravall
                                      & Lito Ebreo
                                                Mark Raul David C. Ebreo
                                                   & Juliana__________

Jaime Dacquel Claravall (1929)
                          & Maria Gacias

                                    Jose Mari “Joey” G. Claravall
                                      & Josie Dalog
                                                Sophia D. Claravall
                                    Jaime “Jun” G. Claravall
                                      & Carol Mondelo
                                                Joanna Camella M. Claravall
                                                  & Romulo Quines
                                                            Samuel Quines
                                                John Christopher M. Claravall
                                                  & Shiela Bautista

                                    Eliseo “Eli” G. Claravall
                                      & Drolly Pondales
                                                Myrah P. Claravall
                                                Epiphany P. Claravall
                                                Elija Paul P. Claravall
                                                Elizabeth P. Claravall
                                    Ma. Elizabeth “Maribeth” Claravall
                                      & Thomas Dychitan
                                                Adrian Claravall Dychitan
                                                Carlos Nico Claravall Dychitan
                                                Jonathan Paul Claravall Dychitan
                                    Julius Cesar G. Claravall
                                      & Marjoan Pacheco
                                    Ma. Concepcion “Maricon” Claravall
                                       & Antonio Diongzo
                                                 Antonette Claravall Diongzon
                                                Dennis Claravall Diongzon
                                                Charisse Claravall Diongzon
                                    Miguel Antonio G. Claravall
                                      & Jocelyn Mercado
                                                Joyce Ann Faith M. Claravall
                                                Justine Hope M. Claravall
                                                Joshua M. Claravall

  Zenaida “Nene” Claravall Paraiso (+) (1930)
                            & Antonio Paraiso
                                    Maria Angelita “Baby” Paraiso
                                      & Gunther Gimbel
                                                Jenny P. Gimbel
                                                Francisco “Honey Boy” P. Gimbel
                                                Princess P. Gimbel
                                                Thea P. Gimbel
                                    Maria Teresa Paraiso  
                                      & Gregorio Tope
                                                Jason P. Tope
                                                Christian P. Tope
                                                Gregorio P. Tope, Jr.
                                                Lawrence P. Tope
                                    Maria Corazon Paraiso
                                      &  ________ Hunter
                                                Eliza P. Hunter
                                                Diana P. Hunter
                                    Maria Lourdes Paraiso
                                      &  Manfred Muller
                                                Michelle P. Muller
                                                Martin P. Muller                     
                                    Antonio Claravall Paraiso, Jr.
                                      & Melba Perlas
                                                Mary Aimiel P. Paraiso
                                    Jose Mari “Joey” Claravall Paraiso
                                      & Cora de la Cruz
                                                Jose Antonio C. Paraiso
                                                Jose Alfonso C. Paraiso
                                    Maria Victoria Claravall Paraiso
                                    Kenneth Claravall Paraiso
                                    Martin Claravall Paraiso (+)
                                    Maria Corazon Claravall Paraiso (+)

                        Rosario Dacquel Claravall
                          & Dionisio Capiral

                                    Roy Claravall Capiral
                                    Dionisio  Claravall Capiral, Jr.
                                    Cesar Claravall Capiral
                                    Alberto Claravall Capiral

Corazon Dacquel Claravall
                          & Arnold Acacio

                                    Miguel Claravall Acacio
                                       & Emy Mapanao
                                                Nico M. Acacio
                                                Kyla  M. Acacio

Milagros Claravall Arzaga
                          & Agustin Arzaga

                                    Noemi Claravall Arzaga
                                    Ma. Lourdes Claravall Arzaga
                                    Agustin Claravall Arzaga, Jr.
                                    Joy Claravall Arzaga

Maria Teresa Dacquel Claravall (+)

III.  Maria del Carmen Claravall  (1892)
                        & Miguel Foronda

       Pilar Consuelo Claravall  (1895)
                        & Manuel Foronda

                        IV.       Carlos “Carling” Claravall Foronda
                                      & Vicenta G.__________

                                                Patricia Foronda
                                                  &  Rommel Ignacio
                                                Marilou Foronda
                                                  &  Manny Guerra
                                                Lorenzo Claravall Foronda
                                                  & Carmelia Abuda
                                                            Christina A.Foronda

                                    Manuel “Monoling” Claravall Foronda

III.  Juan Casimiro Mateo Francisco Mamuri Claravall (1897)
         & Amparo Fortun

            Angeles “Nenita” Claravall Alonso (+)
              & Jose “Pepe” Alonso (+)

                        Benjamin Claravall Alonso
                          & Francisca Jamias
                                    Anabelle J. Alonso
                                    Rica J. Alonso
                        Manuel “Manoling” Claravall Alonso
                        Jose Mari Claravall Alonso (+)
                         & Evelyn Ledesma
                                    Marjohn L. Alonso
                                       & Shirley _______
                                    John Alonso
                                    Third Alonso
                                    Thessa Alonso
                        Jose Angel Claravall Alonso
                         & Daisy Sta. Maria
                                    Joseph S. Alonso
                                    Jinkie S. Alonso
                                    Jasmine S. Alonso

                        Jose Alberto Claravall Alonso
                           & Solimar Udang
                                    Maxim U. Alonso
                                    Currie U. Alonso
                                    Joebert U. Alonso
                                    Nonoy U. Alonso
                        Ma. Consuelo Alonso
                          & Jerome Borjal
                                    Jempee A. Borjal
                                    John-C A. Borjal
                        Ma. Maxine Alonso                                                                                                                   & Francisco Pineda (+)
                        Teodoro Juan “Teddy John” Claravall Alonso (+)
                        Vicente Claravall Alonso
                           & Myrna “Inday” La Vina
                        Ma. Amparo Claravall Alonso
                        Ma. Angeles Alonso
                           & Diosdado Aquino
                                    Tedrick A. Aquino
                                    Tanya A. Aquino
                        Fernando George Claravall Alonso
                         & Sandra A. Mangilman
                                    Ian Mangilman Alonso

                        Half brother and sister (Unknown Mothers)

                                    Aristotle Claravall (San Mariano, Isabela)
                                                                        Aristotle Claravall Jr
                                                                        Celia Claravall
                                    Rose Claravall Agcaoili (Tumauni, Isabela)

I.   Don Mateo Claravall
            & Apolonia Villacorta Ochoa

            II.        Don Andres Villacorta Claravall
                                    & Filomena Salinas

                                    III.       Bonifacia Salinas Claravall (1860)

                                                Generoso Salinas Claravall (1864)

                                                Geraldo Salinas Claravall (1865)

                                                Mariano Salinas Claravall (1866)
                                                            & Susana Gangan

IV.       Anastacio G. Claravall (1889)
                                                                        Maria G. Claravall (1890)
                                                                        Mariano G. Claravall, Jr. (1891)
                                                                        Mateo G. Claravall (1892)

                                                Maria Salinas Claravall (1868)

                                                Leocadio Salinas Claravall (1870)

                                                Maria Alipia Salinas Claravall (1872)

                                                Lucia Maria Salinas Claravall Dichoso (1874)
                                                            & Francisco Dischoso

                                                Santiago Mateo Salinas Claravall (1880)

                                    Adopted children:

III.       Baltazar Claravall (1852)
                                                            Eliseo Claravall (1877)

                                    Note:   Sons of Tomas de los Angeles and Ana Lamosa

I.  Don Domingo Claravall
       & Ines  de la Torrre

II..                   Don Alejandro de la Torre Claravall
                          & Agustina de la Cruz

1.      Angustia Maria Claravall Castro
                                                          & _______ Castro
2.      Domingo Dionisio de la Cruz Claravall (1872)

3.      Florentina de la Cruz Claravall (1874)

4.      Ambrocia de la Cruz Claravall  (1877)

5.      Juana de la Cruz Claravall (1879)

6.      Maria Rosario de la Cruz  Claravall  (1882
  & ________ Castro
                                                7.   Lucas de la Cruz Claravall (1885)
         & Maria de los Reyes

8.   Mateo de la Cruz Claravall
         & Ramona Gonzales

            9.   Lorenzo de la Cuz Claravall (1899)
         & Cecilia Gangan
     Andres Gangan Claravall

III. Maria Rosario Claravall (1882)
        & _________ Castro

IV.  Angel C. Castro
                      & __________
                                    Mimi  Castro
                                    Mirriam Castro
                                    Marita  Castro
                                    Maybella  Castro
                                    Mina  Castro
Amador C. Castro
Francis C. Castro
            Becky Castro
            Rolly Castro
            Ruth Castro
            Consuelo Castro

III. Lucas de la Cruz Claravall (1885)
        & Maria de los Reyes

            IV. Napoleon de los Reyes Claravall (+)

                  Purificacion de los Reyes Claravall

                  Alex de los Reyes Claravall  (+) (Vietnam) with two (2) children

                  Ernesto de los Reyes Claravall MD  (+) (1930)
                    & Graduacion “Ronnie” Reyes (+)

                        V.  Monica R. Claravall MD, Pediatrician (1960)
                                 & Jose “ Joey” O. Tapia  MD (1955)
                                    VI.  Carlo Claravall Tapia
                                              & Kaitlyne Hong Shu (Korean)
                                                      Allan Claravall Tapia
                                                      Victoria Claravall Tapia
                                                      JC Claravall Tapia
                               Samuel Mario “Mars” R. Claravall (1962)
                               Ernesto “Bong”R.  Claravall, Jr. MD (1964)
                                                                   Jaime Miguel Inigo Claravall

                  Benjamin de los Reyes Claravall (+)

III. Mateo de la Cruz Claravall ( Kalibo, Aklan )
         & Ramona Gonzales

IV.    Felicia “Fely” G. Claravall  (1937)
                         & Tomas “Tommy “Portillo (+)

                                    V.   Mike C. Portillo
                                             & Karen ________
                                           Christopher C. Portillo
                                             & Myra Suzarra
                                                 VI.  Abbey S Portillo
                                                        Andy S Portillo
                                           Jojo C Portillo
                                             & Belina Vergel de Dios
                                           Katherine Portillo
                                           Harry C Portillo
                                              & Dorit _______
                                                         Beatriz Portillo
                                                         Paolo  Portillo
                                           Jackie C Portillo
                                             & Dino Limjap
                                                         Bryant Limjap (half-brother)
                                                         Andre C Limjap
                                           Tessa C Portillo
                                             & John Sy
                                                         Isko P Sy
                                                         Juancho P Sy
                                                         Tammy P Sy
                                            Tobby C Portillo
                                              & Chona ________
                                                         Gutgut Portillo
                                                         Gitgit Portillo
                                                         Michelle Portillo
                                                         Gabo Portillo

IV.  Rowen G Claravall (+)  (1939)
          & Edwina Romero (+)

            V. Carmen Candace “Candy” R Claravall (1967)
                   & Michael Robert Jemiolo
                               Andrea Candace Jemiolo (2002)
                               Michael Robert Jemiolo Jr (2004)
                  Rosanna  “Sandy” R Claravall (1968)
      Joseph John Paul “Jo“ R Claravall (1978)